Bendigo Goat Fest

Celebrating Goats Food Fashion & Fun


Extensive Food Court

With a variety of Delicious, Healthy, Goat Food to sample and Buy.

Food O’Clock Indian Restaurant with a variety of Goat Meat dishes with Rice.

Gourmet Goat meat sausages in a roll.

‘Kirk’ the butcher cooking fresh Goat Meat dishes to sample.

Kate will have a variety of Goat Cheeses to sample and buy.

plus Baked Ricotta to sample and buy.

plus Ricco Cake to sample and buy.

plus Goats Milk Yogurt  and Ice cream to sample.

Sample some Goats Milk – you will be pleasantly surprised!


 there may even be some

‘One Goat Wine’ * ‘Mountain Goat Beer’ * Ginger Kid-Ginger Beer!