Bendigo Goat Fest

Everything you can get from your goat – and how best to get it


1. Jenny Hosking – Bridgewater Berets – some with Mohair & GOATS!

2. Debra Knight – Misty Blue Australian Natural Fibres: Fleeces, tops and yarn from Angora, Alpaca, Merino etc. . Hand spun, hand knitted and commercial garments and home wares made from Angora, Alpaca and Merino fibres.

3. Gwen Jewell – hand knitted Mohair ‘baby to one year old’ jumpers.

4.  Jodie Finnigan – Goats milk Soap and Anglo Nubian Goats.

5.  Lyn Carter – mohair craft products.

6. Kate Serurrier -Farm House Cheese & baked cheese products.

7. Wendy Barber – Goats milk Soap – Soap making demonstration – Miniature goats.

8.  Bev Stent – Angora Goat Leather hides – some tumbled some coloured.

9. Marie Grylls – Spinning Mohair

10 Davisway – portable milking machines

11. Alisosn Craven -Mohair Craft products.

12. Lil Roberts – Mohair Craft products.

13. Ginger Kid – Ginger Beer

14.Michael Urwin Wines – One Goat Wine